Dental Health camp in Jadan village

Dr. Abishek Dadhic, dentist of our hospital, conducted a Dental Health camp on 13.March 2012 in the Government school of Jadan village.

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New Year and Navaratri

Happy New Year!!!

Friday the 23rd March marked the start of the new calendar year according to the Indian Calendar. So welcome to Vikram Samvat 2069!!!

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Indian wholewheat flatbread Chapati

Chapati is the most common type of food made of wheat which is consumed in northern India. This is a form of bread which is originally called roti. Roti is any type of flat unleavened bread, but chapati is a roti which is made of wholegrain wheat flour, prepared in a special pan which is called TAVA.


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Cow Ghee from Om Ashram

To begin with, cows in the ashram live in a natural environment, consuming only natural food and receiving no medicine that would artificially increase their milk production. In addition to that, ghee is regularly made as our cows are milked every morning and evening. 

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Learn more about the Hospital project

Medical aid and assistance in remote areas of India.

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Learn more about the School project

A charitable school established for needy village students

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Learn more about the Rainwater harvesting Project

Fresh water supply in drought affected areas.

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