Sacred Banyan Tree for World Peace planted by Vishwaguruji in OM Ashram

On the jubilee of the 70th Republic Day of India, celebrating India's independence since 1949, Vishwaguruji planted a sacred banyan tree, at OM Ashram in Jadan.

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Republic Day of India, 2019

Celebrations of the 70th Republic Day of India in OM Ashram, with Vishwaguru Swami Maheshwarananda and the children, director and teachers from OM Ashram school and college.

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As the Year Closes, Jadan Gardens Enter a Productive Yet Dormant Season in December 2018

One can feel this month, the moist and cool of the soil around our trees and plants and it seems that they are in a state of relief from hot winds and heat. 

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A Month of Beginnings in Jadan Organic Gardens - November 2018

Hari Om dear Bhaktas and welcome to the post-Deewali New Year, which was celebrated here in Jadan Ashram on the Dark Moon of the evening of the 7th November. As usual, we sat with Vishwaguruji under the stars with a drone camera buzzing over our heads, as we listened to His Divine Words of Wisdom.

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Learn more about the Hospital project

Medical aid and assistance in remote areas of India.

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Learn more about the School project

A charitable school established for needy village students

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Learn more about the Rainwater harvesting Project

Fresh water supply in drought affected areas.

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