Jadan School

The Shree Vishwa Deep Gurukul Senior Secondary Vidyalaya (Jadan School) is located in the state of Rajasthan northern India, in the district of Pali, nestled in the village of Jadan. The school is within the Om Vishwa Deep Gurukul, Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram Education & Research Centre - an international epicentre of learning based on the precepts of Yoga, and the largest Yoga in Daily Life ashram in India.

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School Building in Om Vishwa Deep Gurukul, Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram Education & Research Centre

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This is the desert region of Rajasthan, dry & arid, and subject to long years of drought. Conditions are hard for those who live here - opportunities are limited. It is often the case that families cannot afford to send their children to school and frequently it is the girls that miss any chance of an education.

By the grace of His Holiness Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Jadan's school was established in 2002, with an enrolment of 146 children from the villages of the surrounding district. The following year enrolments gathered momentum, with 266 children enrolling. Students age from 4 to 14 years old. In 2009 there are now more than 900 students studying in classes from KG till 12th and beyond to college courses.

The school is registered with the Government of Rajasthan . The school provides education based on the government syllabus with an parallel syllabus teaching traditional Vedic culture. Excellent quality of staff and small class sizes ensure that students receive the best possible tuition. Education for girls is free, as it is for any child whose family cannot afford the annual fee. Their free education is made possible by funds received from international donors.

To date, generous donations from overseas have helped purchase school uniforms, sports equipment, laboratory equipment for physics, chemistry and biology labs, a library of books & CDs, one VCR and television, 22 computers and seven school buses which travel every morning to collect the children, and take them home again at the end of the day.

School uniforms                                                   Laboratory equipment

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A library of books & CDs                                     Computer rooms     

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School buses which travel every morning to collect the children, and take them home again at the end of the day

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The enormous success and rapidly growing number of students attending the Jadan's school has put inevitable strain on the limited resources. To sustain the ongoing education of the children of this rural school, financial contributions are required each year.

The school needs funds for building works, teaching aids and reading materials, furniture, sports and gymnastic equipment, audio visual equipment and computers. Through the work of H.H. Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, the dedication of the school teachers and the donations from the International Yoga in Daily Life community and general public, the future is looking brighter each year for the students of the Jadan school. At present the number of students enrolled in the school is 900 and in July 2009 the strength will increase to 1250 students.

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Swastika Building

In the North-West corner of the grounds there is a building called Swastika, an apartment block in the shape of the ancient symbol of the Sun. The Swastika apartments accomodate 150 students who come to the Ashram to participate in various yoga seminars, as well as certificate and diploma courses.


The Gyan Putra Programme

One of the most remarkable projects of the Ashram is the “Gyan Putra” scheme that commenced in 1998. It is designed to provide financial support to school children from poor families. The major of their village and the school principals select these children The Gyan Putra scheme provides them with school fees, school uniforms and shoes, stationary and text books.

Gyan Putra

This sponsorship program helps children attain a reasonable standard of education and thus grants them better employment opportunity for the future.

Also, in 2002 the Shree Vishwa Deep Gurukul Prathmik Vidyalaya, Yoga in Daily Life's primary school in Rajasthan, India, was founded. This has been running successfully since with school attendance increasing each year.

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The intake of the school has increased each year since the school started.

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OM Ashram

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Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital

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Courses in Yoga, Naturopathy and the ancient Indian sciences of Astrology, Sanskrit and Vedic Science

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Om Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Gaushala cares for many old, homeless and sick animals.

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Rainwater harvesting - Talab

Year round supply of fresh water for rural communities in drought affected areas.

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Planting trees to turn the desert green and growing organic vegetables.

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Education for women

Education for Women

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